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5 Tips For Stress-Free Travel

While going away on holiday is  very exciting, let's face it, the moment before your departing flight is never quite as relaxing as it should be- especially when you’re travelling with kids, which can add a unique challenge into the mix. Before you jet off to Queenstown for your family ski holiday or your winter island escape to the tropics, read our top 5 tips for stress-free travel to help make your trip extra breezy from start to finish.

1# Write a packing list

While it’s never the end of the world when you forget to pack an item, it's not ideal making a mad dash to the nearest convenience or department store to replace a forgotten item. From toothbrushes to togs, we've all been there and made the silly mistake of letting a travel essential slip our minds. A sure way to remember what to pack and become a smarter traveller is to write down a packing checklist.

Keeping a list on your phone is a useful way to make sure you have everything and so no belongings are left behind at your hotel upon return home. There are many mobile apps which can be used for this- we would recommend trying out the 'Packr Travel Packing Checklist' Mobile App (available on iPhone & Android).

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2# Do some research before your trip

It’s easy enough to “go with the flow” while on holiday, however conducting a little bit of research before your trip can save yourself both precious holiday time and money. Ask yourself the question: Do I know how to get to the hotel from the airport? Do the activities I want to do need to be pre-booked? Is public trnsport easy to navigate?

Don't forget, planning can be a fun part of the process leading up to our trip. Be inspired and take recommendations from travel guides, discover hot spots, hidden gems and the best places to eat in the area you are staying from authentic travel blogs online.

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3# Get to the airport early

Nobody likes to be rushed, especially when your brain is making the switch to holiday mode. Allow yourself enough time at the airport - it’s far more relaxing chilling out at the airport café before your flight than having to rush to your gate before it closes due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Consider staying at airport accommodation the night before your flight- this is recommended if you live a distance from the airport or have an inconvenient flight time At Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, we offer the Park, Stay & Go Package, including overnight accommodation, up to 21 days free parking and a return transfer on The Yellow Bus. If you usually leave your car at a long-term airport car park while you are away, this is an excellent cost saver with the added bonus of convenience.

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4# Get comfortable for the flight ahead

Whether your flight is a quick hour or long haul, comfort is important. 

Hunger pangs can a strike at any moment, and is never an ideal scenario when travelling with kids.

We recommend packing a selection of healthy snacks you can throw into your carry on bag.

Boredom busters are also essential for staying comfortable during any fight. If in-flight entertainment is not an option, download movies or games on a mobile device, to keep the kids entertained while up in the air.

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5# Remember to smile

Let's face it, not everything is going to go according to plan while travelling and that's okay. It's important to remember you are on holiday- Keep your itinerary semi-flexible and let go of the expectations that everything will go perfectly to plan as you visualize it.